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  • Master the Art of Convenience with Bento Boxes

    Bento boxThe bento box's popularity has spread across different cultures because of its versatility. The origin of the word "bento" means "convenience" or "convenient" and rightfully so because of the many conveniences it presents.

    Eating on the Go

    Bento lunches in early Japan were meant to store rice and food so they can be eaten later. Today, bento boxes allow people on the go to eat at their comfort, and they can always go back to the box if they have leftovers.

    The containers usually come in small lunch boxes that are easy to carry around and do not take a lot of space in school bags or backpacks. The meals are also moulded or divided into bite-sized pieces that are easy to consume during travels or quick breaks.

    Pack and Take as Many as You Like

    Some bento boxes can be stacked on top of each other while others have deep compartments that can store layers of food. Some even have dividers that let you pack different types of food in one container. Because bento boxes are tightly packed, it retains the freshness of the food inside.

    This feature of bento boxes allows people to serve as much food as they like and take as many as they can without worrying about the freshness of the dishes. The divided compartments can also let you enjoy both soup-based dishes and dry foods together.

    Save and Maximise Space

    If you're looking for clean and minimalist compartments for your next snack party, Top Shelf Concepts proudly offers our BentoStyle brand, a collection of beautiful, sturdy and eco-friendly disposable bento boxes.

    Our versatile bento boxes can pack any food with its flat-packed, unique folding design that can minimise storage space requirement. We also have cylindrical containers that can serve soup-based dishes.

    Hassle-Free and Eco-Friendly

    Our BentoStyle bento boxes are made from plantation trees and food grade glassine paper that line both sides of the container. We eliminate the hassle of washing dishes and minimise the risk of breaking plates, saving you both time and money and letting you conserve energy. The sturdy and eco-friendly materials used in making the bento boxes provide an excellent alternative to food and snacks traditionally served in paper or plastic containers.

    Top Shelf Concepts is the sole Australian supplier of eco-friendly disposable bento boxes. Our BentoStyle containers are available in round, oval, square and rectangular boxes that can pack different kinds of food, as well as thick sauces and wet dishes. They're not only great for serving Asian dishes like noodles and sushi but also for finger food and desserts. We sell our BentoStyle containers in convenient packs of 100.

    If you're looking for economic and environment-friendly food containers and serving plates, Top Shelf Concepts has a wide range of commercial catering equipment for parties of all sizes. With our products, your snacks will be the life of your party.

    Get in touch with us for more details.

  • 6 Ways to Win Over Customers this Tennis Season

    tennis image

    You’re in the hospitality industry, so you know November through January is hectic. First Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s celebrations… and right when you’re starting to run out of steam, along comes the Open! All of these events are great, of course, as they bring in a lot of revenue, but it can be challenging to pull together unique and special food service for the Open after a long run of back-to-back events. Don’t worry though—Top Shelf Concepts will help you “serve it” in style! To make your tennis season an ace, we’ve created a “starter kit” of items that are easy to use, easy on your budget, and will impress guests. Tennis Ball Skewers: A simple way to dress up finger foods, these tennis ball skewers are made of eco-friendly bamboo. Think appetisers, pickles, sandwiches, dessert bites, cheese platters, and more! EcoStyle Pine Food Cups: Made of sustainable pine, these elegant cups are tough enough for both hot and cold foods. Use them for hot appetizers or ice cream, condiments, dipping sauces, to portion out snacks and sweets— there are endless possibilities. Disposable and eco-friendly, they make for easy, guilt-free clean up. Sports Waxed Paper: Not only does is this food-safe waxed paper printed with a sports theme, it’s greaseproof so your food always looks good. Use it to line a wooden bento box (which doubles as a serving plate and takeaway container) or to add a special touch to a mini fry basket. Rosseto Liteware Disposable Beer Cups: These 18 oz. beer cups give you the best of both worlds— they have the upscale look and feel of glass, but are shatter-proof and take little storage space in the serving area. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning, drying, and resetting glassware!

    So many venues return to “business as usual” after the holidays and fail to do something special for tennis season, but the extra effort really matters! Tennis fans travel from all over Australia and the world for the Open, and showing that you share their passion will encourage their patronage again next year. To your success, John Kiorgaard

    P.S. Have a food service challenge you’re not sure how to tackle? Call us on 1300 81 30 40 and we’ll help you figure out an easy solution! P.S.S. Now you can AfterPay It! Buy now and pay later, interest free.

  • Top Three Food and Beverage Dispensers for Corporate Events

    Snack Food DispensersCorporate events require a more professional approach towards dining. Unlike standard dinner parties with family and friends, a corporate gathering requires a professional way of dispensing quality foods and beverages. In a corporate setting, access to food and beverages should be easy, able to accommodate large groups and meet the demand for flexible serving times. Food and beverage dispensers are a sought-after answer to these demands for many large corporate events. They are often used in buffet set-ups and provide an attractive yet practical feature for corporate clients and staff. Top Shelf Concepts carries a wide range of Rosetto dispensers for the corporate environment.

    Here are some of them:

    Beverage Dispensers

    Manufactured from top quality materials, Rosetto beverage dispensers are perfect for serving drinks throughout the day. Their removable top-loading ice chamber keeps drinks chilled so that beverages can be provided ahead of time. They come in acrylic, wood, and stainless steel finishes to match various interior designs.

    Snack Food Dispensers

    Whether in between meetings and seminars, when guests might want snacks, or for breakfast, when clients stay overnight, Rosetto design their line of dispensers for quick service of dry food such as nuts or cereal. Their narrow nozzles pour the snacks directly into bowls to keep the service area tidy. The dispenser hygienically stores and dispenses food throughout the event.

    Herbs and Spices Dispensers

    Rosetto’s collection of herbs and spices dispensers is excellent for any buffet service. Most products in the line are wall-mounted and can easily be stationed near the main course for the guest’s convenience. To avoid making a mess by sprinkling spices or other condiments, using Rosetto’s containers prevents unnecessary clean-ups during the event.

    Top Shelf Concepts is a leading Australian supplier and distributor of all things' food display. For an extensive collection of food and beverage dispensers in Australia, contact us by calling 1300 81 30 40. Make an impression and enhance your food displays with Top Shelf Concept today.

  • How to Make Buffets Look Visually Appetising to Guests

    buffetNot only is the taste of food a critical element of a buffet, but the food’s presentation is also a crucial aspect of the overall experience. As with all things, first impressions do matter in buffet spreads. Even before tasting the food, guests can already guess about how much (and how little) they would enjoy it just by looking at how it's presented.

    If you present your guests with something unappealing and visually unsatisfactory, it's all too likely that they won't come back for a second time. To put your best forward and make a great first impression, consider these eye-catching buffet equipment:

    Food Risers and More

    Selecting the right buffet displays can add to its sophistication and give it focus. For example, using food risers in various shapes and sizes can make certain dishes stand out. With this leverage, you're giving emphasis to a popular dish or a chef’s recommendation.

    High-quality food deserves high-quality buffet equipment. We recommend materials that are both tough and attractive, such as stainless steel multi-level risers, black matte risers, bamboo vases and hexagonal glass bowls to reflect the quality of your food.

    Buffets are Part of the Décor

    Buffets are part of the overall aesthetic appeal of your restaurant. You can complement your buffet equipment with the restaurant's interior design. For example, you can use elements such as colours, material and positioning of food displays to match your restaurant’s theme, cuisine or wallpaper.

    At Top Shelf Concepts, we can help you with your buffet equipment needs. We are the exclusive supplier of high-quality buffet equipment by Rosseto, a leading provider of world-class buffet displays that provide sophisticated food presentation to buffet restaurants around the world. Taking advantage of buffet equipment by Rosseto enhances your restaurant's aesthetic appeal and entices guests to a memorable buffet experience.

    To take your food presentation to the next level, call 1300 81 30 40.

  • Are You REALLY Ready for Holiday Events?

    The holiday season means everyone is ready to feast their eyes and their palates. You’ve gotten your menu together and have chefs ready to create culinary wonders— but what about your food presentation? Will it be magical or mediocre? Special holiday-themed events are a great way for hospitality businesses to bring in revenue, but there’s a lot of competition. You can have a great marketing campaign that brings people in and amazing eats, but without a display that makes them feel the magic of the holidays, they’ll go somewhere else next season.

    So, what’s the most effective way to guarantee you generate the same (or more) bookings next year? A breathtaking display of your holiday food that will give visitors a sensory feast they’ll never forget. The best place to start is to upgrade your buffet displays. Go over your existing items with a fresh eye, viewing them as a guest would. Replace scratched trays with elegant platters. Check to see if you have a lot of sturdy, modern risers. Consider disposable pine boat dishes to improve presentation, control portions, and reduce cleanup time. Also, check your equipment! The best food in the world won’t hold up if it’s the wrong temperature. Switch out those dated chafing dishes that make food mushy and replace them with upgraded warmers. Do your beverage dispensers drip or look grungy? Switch them out with beautiful, top-quality dispensers from Rosseto. If you take steps to overhaul your food presentation, your guests will repay your investment with great reviews, recommendations, and repeat business that will benefit you long after the holiday season ends!

  • Styling Drink Stations: Entice Guests to Stop for a Drink

    A drink station is a great way to add life to a party. People can choose, make their own drinks and get refills anytime. With drinks at the ready, they will feel more at ease and in the mood to mingle and have fun with other guests.

    At Top Shelf Concepts, we can give you great styling ideas to make a drink station one of the highlights of a party.

    Styling Begins with the Dispenser

    Details matter in food and drink presentation; more so for the centrepieces. This is why it helps to choose dispensers that can showcase the drinks you serve.

    At Top Shelf Concepts, we have a range of glass dispensers that make drinks look appealing. Our infusion dispensers, which are made of clear glass with bamboo, steel, black matte or acrylic bases, look stunning by themselves and will look even more attractive with complementing accents.

    Table Accents: Match the Theme

    The drinks table should stand on its own aesthetically without diverging from the party’s theme. Bring it into the fold by using the same decorations and accents on the food table and dessert station. For parties without a particular theme, enhancing the ambience of the venue is the best option.

    A Shared or Separate Table?

    Unless you are serving only one or two kinds of drinks, it’s best to have a separate table for your drink station. This prevents guests from crowding around one area of the venue at any given time. The best spot for a drink station is any wide space near the fringes of the venue. If possible, pull the table away from the wall to allow people to walk around it and fully appreciate the display.

    Top Shelf Concepts provides stunning cold beverage infusers and dispensers for parties in Australia. With these products, your drinks station will be as much of a party highlight as the cake or buffet.

    Get in touch with us for details.

  • The Fashion of Food: Catering in Style

    Our noses, mouths and stomachs are usually the three to benefit the most from a delicious meal. Before you dive into the plate, however, the feast begins with the eyes.

    ‘Eating with your eyes first is actually a true statement,’ says Danica Zuks, a professional food photographer. ‘I know that I get more enjoyment out of my food when it looks beautiful.’

    Food presentation is a critical part of culinary arts. It is, in itself, a skill that requires an excellent visual palate, delicate hands and years of practice. As food presentation specialists, Top Shelf Concepts give you brilliant and easy ways you can enhance the appearance of your food:

    Emphasising the Focal Point

    When different ingredients and segments are put together aimlessly, the dish will end up looking like a muddled mess. Instead, draw the eye towards the highest element of your composition. The focal point is usually the most voluminous part of the meal or dessert. Lay the sauces and complementary sides around it or below it to bring the attention towards the peak.

    Garnishes and Décor

    Alongside main courses, chefs like to add intricate details to a dish by decorating it with garnishes. Food garnishes improve the taste and act as a supplement to the meal. Parsley, alfalfa sprouts and colourful flowers are common garnishes for main courses. Others, however, prefer inedible decorations to challenge the boundaries of food presentation.

    Utilising Displays

    Organisation and cleanliness enhance the aesthetic value of food. If you’re looking for an easy way to showcase your food in the tidiest manner possible, high-quality food display systems are the answer. Top Shelf Concepts carries a wide range of buffet systems, acrylic displays and sturdy dispensers. Each item is designed to contain and exhibit your food for your customers’ viewing pleasure.

    Top Shelf Concepts is an Australian supplier and distributor of world-class food display systems. View our selection or call 07 3394 2043 today.

  • Opening of a new office in Sydney

    Commercial Food Presentation company Top Shelf Concepts has announced the opening of a new office in Sydney. This new office reflects the commitment of Top Shelf Concepts to the Eastern States.

    With 60% of Australia’s hospitality industry, and architects in Sydney or Melbourne and with slightly more based in Sydney, Top Shelf Concepts intends to use this new office as a meeting space to show and present products.

    Restaurant and hospitality businesses revolve around customer experience –that’s why savvy business owners are continually looking for exciting and innovative ways to present and serve food. With the right products, you can please your guests and , at the same time, improve efficiency and quality.

    “We’ve helped hundreds of food professionals achieve extraordinary commercial and personal success, and I’m incredibly proud of them”, says Mr John Kiorgaard, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Top Shelf Concepts. “This means that food professionals can take their food presentation to the next level and achieve all they can, encouraging repeat business and a very wow experience!.”

    There is a significant education task ahead of Top Shelf Concepts. One of the initiatives to be driven from the office over the coming years is engagement with the organic food industry. The task will be to better prepare Procurement departments in the supermarket world to consider hygiene and shrinkage and wastage in their store designs for any dry food dispensing. The Sydney office is also expected to play a more important role in plans for Top Shelf Concepts to expand further, internationally. “Sydney is our gateway to the Pacific Rim,” says Mr Kiorgaard.

    Topshelf Concepts will retain its existing office in Brisbane. Address Level 6/10 Herb Elliott Ave, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

    Sydney office_R1_101317
  • Why is a good breakfast buffet important to guests?


    A breakfast brings many benefits to guests that accommodation providers may not initially think of. A satisfying breakfast adds ease and comfort to a guest’s stay, making it a far more pleasant experience overall. Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, it is also the most important amenity when staying at a hotel; large or small. Your hotel, motel, resort could have it all – beautiful rooms, wifi, pools or gyms. However, an experience without a good breakfast would be incomplete. In fact, surveyed a thousand travellers globally, and found that breakfast is now the number one most important hotel amenity for guests when booking accommodation. It’s the same when we are booking our next plane ticket! Everything revolves around food.

    Clean and inviting food stations and buffets for leisure and pleasure means Revenue for your property Paying guests, visitors and facility users rightly expect the meals buffet to be clean and pristine at all times. Alexandra Kiorgaard, managing director of Top Shelf Concepts, explains why.

    Accommodation made profitable, and making sure your clients and guests are happy with every aspect of your service and surroundings is crucial. Cleanliness and Food offering is critical. Generating revenue for your property is all about improving the presentation and serving of food. This encourages repeat business, for your members and guest for the food they have enjoyed Social media now allows people to share their displeasure at what they feel is substandard treatment with the world in an instant. Similarly, online review sites let members of the public rate facilities on many aspects - including hygiene and cleanliness - so a critical treat or bad score can result in unwelcome publicity and a subsequent downturn in business. Being successful in the hospitality industry is all about food. Have you ever experienced dirty food areas and inappropriate buffet equipment?, dried out food with no sneeze guards?, or bowls of food with the increased risk of cross-contamination?, you are scared of slips, trips and falls, not to mention sickness! You don’t want to be inviting negative press coverage and , in extreme circumstance, large insurance claims, or council fines. However with the right equipment and cleaning in place, your property can ensure that your food areas stay clean and safe for all of your clients. Running a business in the hospitality sector has always had its specific challenges with so many issues to consider - health and safety being one of them – you can't hope to be an expert in every single field. That's why partnering with a trusted and knowledgeable food presentation equipment supplier, or contract food Management Company with experience in their sectors, is a good idea. We know that food areas , change from location to location with pubs and hotels, from the beverage dispensing in the lobby and food stations and buffets, to the bar, gaming room, function rooms, corporate suites and lounges, for example: so food presentation has to be adaptable if it is going to be cost effective and deliver results. Health and safety implications for food service and cleaning regimes themselves should all be front of mind, as things like uncovered food and mess on the floor pose as significant risk of injury to staff, clients or guests. This is particularly relevant to hotels and pubs, as members of the public are using the facilities at all times of the day and night, so interaction with food and beverage, staff is inevitable. Giving your operatives equipment that reduces these risks is therefore advisable, and todays buffet equipment offer not only better results, but also increase safety too. Some of the serving solutions and systems have now evolved only to be used as a serving platter, doubled as being a cooling solution, guarding against low food temperatures, which invite nasty bugs. Many buffet equipment is now lighter, smaller footprint, higher visibility, and easier to maneuver, fast set up, with the added ability to transform from a breakfast setting, to a lunch buffet, right through to a chic cocktail evening presentation - serving for different events and functions. In places, where people are looking to relax, and unwind, such as hotels, and motels, noise is another important issue to consider. Quiet service is at the top of the list for clients and guests who do not want to be disturbed by noisy crockery, and dishes. Hotels, pubs and clubs need buffet equipment that is durable and easy to set up - facility’s that are always looking and performing at their best, enhancing the visitor experience for guests or delegates. Beautiful food presentation for functions and events encourages repeat business, and therefore a strong growth in revenue. Countless smart operators and food professionals have proven that they just can't afford not to invest in buffet equipment that adds the wow factor, at the same time meeting food standards. The multi-level risers and surfaces are more versatile than many people think, as they are able to use for a number of functions and events. Be it for large crowds, or an intimate wedding, the varied configurations make for versatility. Very effectively using space with vertical and horizontal serving, as well. Food Stations, or a buffet with bakery cases are becoming more and more popular, given the number of different locations in which they are used. Not only do they need to look great, serve food fast, they also need to have other qualities, depends on the situation. For example, if you are cleaning or setting up in the executive suites, quietness could be desirable. Health and safety matters are also important, not only for food and beverage managers, but also for guests and other staff members or visitors. Minimizing slips, trips, and falls is a must so multi-level risers, portion control dispensers, bakery cases provide a good solution. FOOD FOR THOUGHT WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD STATIONS Did you know people eat with their eyes? First impressions matter! And our Buffets and Food Stations create an impact, with quality design that enhances your venue and brand. Our high quality Bakery Cases are designed to keep food as fresh as possible, while creating an eye-catching display.

    Our Rosseto dry food dispensers are the perfect solution for commercial kitchens that need to save on expensive ingredients, while maintaining hygiene with one-hand action – no wastage or shrinkage for retail outlets and supermarkets alike!

    Our Beverage Dispensers look professional, keep cool and are drip free.

    You can streamline your buffet, to make it easy for your customers to move on, so service won't become clogged! We'll help you design a logically sequenced arrangement: easy to setup… easy to see… easy to reach… easy to serve!

    And with our expertise, we can help you easily comply with all the regulations.

    Successful buffets from Top Shelf Concepts are faster, quieter, and make replenishing stress-free. You can control costs through portion control, limiting food waste, with the ability to have any configuration fully customisable – totally flexible for your specific needs for any budget and event size!

    All of this means you'll: • Win more contracts, • Increase your sales, • Impress your clients with structured buffets and food stations, • Avoid fines and penalties from health authorities, • Make cleanliness and maintenance a breeze for your team, • And importantly – create a point of difference!

    We can customise for you, so that your next conference or event will be clean, fast, and look fantastic! Buffets – Going vertical has never been so easy! Here at Top Shelf Concepts, our promise is to deliver commercial food presentation that's simply out of this world for you – using only the highest quality materials, and with service that's second to none!

    Our serving and display products are unique, because you can change and connect pieces into countless configurations in different materials, finishes and heights – so your station always has a fresh look and feel! We can customise for you, so that you can have a system that's versatile and works for you! You can transform a breakfast buffet into a boardroom lunch, any conference or event, a cocktail evening or refreshments in the lobby. The choice is yours!

    For instance, by mixing and matching to suit your needs, you can easily create your own unique Breakfast Buffet – combining Bakery Cases and Drawers, Food Dispensers, Multi-Level Risers, Beverage Dispensers, and more!

    Whether you're looking for sustainable bamboo, premium black & walnut, modern stainless steel, flashy chrome, or black & red gloss… we have the perfect look for your needs!

    People staying in hotels, or to a club for a relaxing unwind, rightly expect their food to be prepared and served in a safe and hygienic manner. This is a positively critical issue because an outbreak of food poisoning can have a devastatingly personal effect on individual guests and staff, and this has a knock-on effect for the professional reputation of the venue itself. Food stations and buffets need to be monitored, however where these buffet solutions are used, there is minimal monitoring, and maintenance. A high priority is a sound condition, be easy to clean, and fast replenishing when necessary. When planning buffets, in your dining areas, or functions and events, activities should take into account routine, storage, regular maintenance and versatility. In this way you can ensure that you provide a hygienic clean and safe environment. There's no doubt that food and beverage in hotels , pubs and clubs has to stand up to a lot of harsh treatment, so serving and presenting food has to be regarded and thought through in order to maintain a high standard that guests and clients expect. However, with such a wide range of food presentation equipment available, catering for every need and event, this is perfectly achievable, ensuring that your guests will always receive a warm welcome.

    Mini-bars are fantastic when you just need a small food station, in conferencing, and the beauty of using Top Shelf Concept’s Rosseto range, is that you can transform using the same for your lobby, or mini bar, right the way through to a buffet

    There is no doubt that running a profitable food service operation isn’t easy. Guest numbers can fluctuate from week to week, and hour to hour, and you need to be prepared for busy days, quiet times and weekend peaks. Variables like these make it difficult to manage costs – especially food. The margin for error is small and potential for loss large, however with the right tools, and equipment, and processes in place, food costs can be managed and improved each month.

  • Take the Elegance of Indoor Dining, Outside


    Melamine Servingware

    Serve your poolside and beachside guests in style with the new Melamine Collection by Rosseto. Perfect for entrée salads and small bites, this collection features mini-dishes and large serving bowls. Get the look of porcelain at a fraction of the cost. These pieces have the durability for high volume restaurants and buffet-service.


    New Infusers

    Serve your guests on-trend infused water, herbal teas and more with our collection of new Infusers. Now available in black and 5-gallon size.


    Take your ice display to another level. We offer a range of coolers in a variety of finishes and capacities. Add our Gleam Waterproof LED set to light up the night with a cool display that will have everyone talking.

    Let Rosseto help you craft your catering or banquet tables!

    Stainless Steel Square Riser & Small Ice Tub-D63177, ICBS10G (style)

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