Top Shelf Concepts: Your Go-To Store for Bamboo Picks, Skewers, Cups, and Cones

If you’re planning a dinner or event, you want everything to be perfect. You want the perfect venue with the perfect food and, of course, the perfect food supplies. This is where Top Shelf Concepts can help. We offer a variety of products, including bakery cases, modular displays, serving trays, buffet systems, dispensers, distinctive beverage ware, appetiser dishes, unique presentations, and all of the highest quality. Picking the right products for the occasion will impress your guests and make for a memorable experience, an event that will remain in your guests’ memories and enhance your reputation.

Need the Highest Quality Bamboo Products? We Offer Bamboo Cups, Picks, Skewers, and Cones

If you need disposable products such as bamboo cups, bamboo picks, bamboo skewers, and bamboo cones, we provide the highest quality of each to suit your dining needs. Our skewers are perfect for desserts, seafood, entrees, and whatever other uses you might find for them (for example, they work well for adding an interesting twist for cocktails). Our bamboo picks are appropriate for hors d’oeuvres or appetisers. We have developed our unique line of TopStyle and EcoStyle skewers and picks. Our bamboo EcoStyle Tornado Fries Spiral Potato Skewers are top-scale and high-quality, perfect for fast and easy service.

Our bamboo cups are an eco-safe alternative to plastic cups. They are a creative way to present hors d’oeuvres, mini-desserts, and appetisers. They are stylish and sustainable, sure to make a great impression on your guests.

Of course, a great way to keep people coming back for superior service is to bring great service to them. Our bamboo cones are great for serving small bites that can be brought around to guests who are up and moving around, engaging in great conversation with the added bonus of having great service and great food. Our sustainable bamboo products can be stylish and smart, funky and fun, and catering-friendly all at the same time.

Other Products Offered

We understand that reputation is a good way to get return clients. With our many offerings, we can ensure that your buffet settings will show off your food in the most appealing of ways. We place an emphasis on the visual impact of our products. Not only do our displays need to look new and stylish, but we want to present your food in similar style.

We also understand that no matter the event, cost effectiveness is equally as important as the quality of our products. Each of our buffet displays maximises the space available which will prevent the overproduction of food, and as a result, wasteful use of funds.

We guarantee that our products will be of the highest quality, made to last while remaining appealing to the eyes. Our products are made with superior, durable materials that can be used over and over again. Your guests will come back if they’re impressed, and our products are designed to impress even the most discerning of eyes. Call today on 07 3394 2043.

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