Top Shelf Concepts Has Excellent Solutions for Commercial Dry Snack Food Display Cases and Dispensers

Dispensing dry food in a commercial setting is a challenge that many hospitality operators face around the country. For example, when running a buffet, offering cereal in individual box portions or appointing someone to serve may seem like a good idea, but what if a patron desires more than one portion or prefers to serve them self? The self-serve system is an increasing trend today and our dispensers cater for this.

Commercial dry food dispensers from Top Shelf Concepts provide an easier way to deal with this issue, and work great as an effective solution when serving large numbers. Whether you need to dispense snack food as refreshments at a conference or you want to offer employees a quick and easy way to snack in the break room, a commercial food dispenser can save you cash in the long run and please patrons too.

Top Shelf Concepts has a range of durable and well-built dispensers to choose from for a variety of applications. Additionally, we also stock commercial food display cases that can beautify your buffet and allow you to give customers an even better experience.

Supplement Your Buffet with a Commercial Food Dispenser

Consider the features and benefits of adding a dispenser to your breakfast buffet line. Whether running an airport coffee shop or a breakfast bar as part of a buffet, commercial snack dispensers can bring with them a number of excellent benefits that will save you time, money, and effort both in the short and long term. Here are a few of those benefits.

  • Less wastage. By allowing patrons to access dry food and cereal through a dispenser on their own, only as much as is desired is dispensed. This can be as little or as much as the patron likes, but it does not rely upon pre-portioned measures.
  • Easier clean-up and fewer messes. Top Shelf Concepts supplies dry food dispensers with innovative handles that control flow and reduce breakage. The units are easy to clean and lead to fewer spills than simply leaving the food out for self-serve.
  • Allowing guests to serve themselves from dispensers and food display cases allows you to focus on tasks such as maintaining adequate food supply and keeping the buffet area clean.
  • Dispensers and commercial food display cases that guests can take items from improve their experience overall. It provides guests with independence and a level of choice in what they eat.

Top Shelf Concepts Delivers Superior Products with a Long Life

Made of durable materials and sure to last for years, these items are an excellent investment for any restaurant or cafe business. The return you get for the money spent will be worth it in the labour you save by using dispensers and display cases, and you'll be improving the look of your serving area, too. For more information, please call us on 07 3394 2043 or explore our website to view our products. Orders placed before 2 PM are often dispatched the same day -- we ship quickly so you can begin improving right away!

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