Hosting an Event? Impress Your Guest with Our Bulk Disposable Bamboo Plates in Australia

If you’re hosting a major event in Australia, whether it’s a wedding, a reunion, or a corporate event, making a positive impression on your guests is of the utmost importance. Chances are, you’ve put a good amount of planning and thought into the event, so it’s natural that you want the highest-quality products for your food service. This is where Top Shelf Concepts can help. Buffet products are made to last yet also hold a superior aesthetic appeal. Our products are made with the newest and best materials, and will remain reliable over an extended period of time.

We understand the importance of reputation and return business. Word of mouth goes a long way, and if your guests hold a high opinion of the food service products that are used at your event, not only will this benefit you in an immediate sense, but it will also increase your reputation as well as our own. From disposable bamboo plates to top-of-the-line buffet displays, our products are sure to impress your guests and help make your event enjoyable for all involved.

We Provide High-Quality Disposable Bamboo Plates in Australia, Also Available in Bulk

Our bamboo disposable plates are made to be extra strong and come in multiple sizes: 18cm x 18cm and 25cm x 25cm. Our bamboo plates come in bulk as well so you can get even more for your money at larger events. Buying in bulk ensures that you have enough plates at your event, and further increases the positive impression that sufficient thought and planning has been gone into organising your event.

Studies have shown that first impressions can be made within seconds of first meeting a person or situation, so our buffet items are designed to keep your food display looking trendy and stylish. Our products will save you money, save you time, and also be of the highest quality.

Other Services Offered

We offer a variety of different styles for food service items at your event. EcoStyle is smart, stylish, and, for the environmentally conscious, sustainable. Our wax food paper is crisp, clean, and creative. Our resin boards are lightweight, shatterproof, and dishwater safe. Like most of our products, everything we create is made to last for repeated uses. If you want your personal logo stamped on your product, we can do that as well.

One customer had this to say about our products and services:

"Just a quick email to thank you and your staff for providing a great level of customer service. I love your product and we are often getting comments on our food presentation. It was also nice to meet Toby the other day. The follow-up customer service calls are much appreciated; it is really nice that your company clearly values its customers. Thank you for friendly phone and email service and prompt delivery to another state. Keep up the great work and excellent product."

As this customer noted, our first and foremost priority is on providing superior customer service. Any questions or enquiries you may have we’re happy to answer. Our main goal is to make you happy, and we’ll go the extra mile to achieve that goal. Call today on 07 3394 2043.

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