Be braver – say ‘no’ to the chafer!


When you’re putting together a classy buffet, it’s easy to see why the old-fashioned chafer dish no longer has a seat at the table. The imposing, featureless metal domes bring to mind rubbery eggs from a cheap holiday breakfast, or tasteless chicken from a poorly catered corporate lunch.

No matter how hard we try to dress them up, something about these shiny soulless boxes sends the wrong signal about a buffet. But if you’re going to ‘say no to the chafer’, what alternatives are there for presenting delicious warm dishes, hygienically and attractively?

A stylish new way to keep food warm

A much more creative option for your buffet display is Top Shelf Concept’s exclusive Rosseto range of warming equipment. Well known for their innovation in design, Rosseto have now created a stylish, modern warming system that will keep your guests coming back for more.

Whether you’re setting up a buffet table or food station, Rosseto warmers are ideal. A fresh and inviting way to present your cuisine, their geometric design provides the very best of both form and function.

Fully compatible with the entire Rosseto range of buffet displays, the Rosseto buffet warming system is available in both matte black and stainless steel finishes, to perfectly complement your buffet. And the easy-to-use fuel burners are simple to swap out as their fuel is exhausted.

The result is a buffet layout that’s sure to appeal to even the most upmarket clientele!

Multiple functions to suit your setting

The Rosseto warming system is full of unique features – like the reversible, dual height burner stand. In the low setting, the stand easily accommodates full-size water or food pans. Or choose to easily flip over to the high setting, and use the grill top to show off your main dish. There’s even an optional add-on ice tub insert to keep beverages or chilled food cold – making your Rosseto warmer a true all-rounder.

High quality Rosseto buffet displays are the ideal way to create an inviting gastronomic destination for your guests! To find out more, contact the friendly Top Shelf Concepts team today.

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