Bulk food display adds value to grocery presentation

Bulk food display by RossetoAs any great chef knows, we “eat with our eyes” as much as we do with our tastebuds. That’s why at Top Shelf Concepts, we believe that truly great presentation can elevate a simple meal into a special experience.

Beautifully presented food can help your products reach new markets, gain new customers, and increase your ROI. And that’s especially true of the huge variety of food available to Australian consumers in grocery stores. To help you make sure your food presentation is bringing you as many customers as possible, we took a look at the latest trends in retail food display, which include:

The trend towards bulk shopping

It’s not just the smaller, niche food retailers, such as organic and health food stores, that have embraced the bulk food trend. The major established supermarkets too have been quick to offer bulk food displays to show off their eco-friendly and cost-effective credentials. Today’s consumers are keen to reduce the amount of packaging they consume, so bulk food presentation is perfectly on trend.

Bulk food display by Rosseto

People love customising their own food

It’s probably the impact of the many reality cooking TV shows – DIY, customised food products are one of today’s hottest trends in food!

From design-your-own pizza, to top-it-yourself yoghurt shops, and shake-on flavours for chips and other hot snacks, DIY is everywhere in contemporary food. In fact, a recent survey has shown that almost 75% of Australian consumers prefer personalised products and services.

You can make the most of this demand with Rosseto gravity dispensers. They allow your customers to dispense just the right amount of product for their needs – no waste, no mess, and no unnecessary packaging. Rosseto’s range of beautiful, modern dispensers let you give your customers exactly what they’re looking for: personalised cereal, tea & coffee, nut blends, trail mix, spices and more.

Customers respond to great food presentation

Traditionally, buying bulk food has meant dealing with old fashioned barrels and self-serve bins. In turn, that meant customers could easily be put off by poor quality, unsanitary, and not-so-fresh bulk food products. Rosseto dispensers have changed all that.

Thanks to their top-load system that gives you “first in, first out” dispensing, they keep your food fresher for longer, and much more appealing. The patented Rosseto portion control wheels are perfect for bulk retail food, delivering just the right amount of product with no mess or waste.

And with Rosseto’s beautifully clear acrylic containers, your food presentation is not only hygienic and sanitary, but also extremely attractive. That’s a combination that’s sure to make your customers very hungry at the point of sale!

Bulk food display from Rosetto BULKshopLook out for the exciting NEW Rosseto BULKshop system

To help our customers benefit from the growing bulk display trend, Top Shelf Concepts is introducing the all-new Rosseto BULKshop system.

Rosseto BULKshop is a flexible retail merchandising solution that’s perfect for displaying bulk food stylishly, hygienically, and very invitingly. It’s a beautiful display solution that combines portion control dispensers, innovative catch trays, and traditional scoop bins to show off your bulk food in the very best way possible.

Easy to install, Rosseto BULKshop provides a combined capacity of more than 315 litres, making it the ideal solution for health food shops, supermarkets, confectionery shops, and many more retail stores.

Look out for more Rosseto BULKshop news, coming soon to our website.

The Top Shelf Concepts team have many more ideas for bulk retail food display. To find out more, get in touch with us today or call 07 3394 2043 now. 

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