Bulkshop Wows at the University of Chicago

Rosseto University Canteen Dispensers

When leading food management company, Bon Appetit reached out to Rosseto for a new project at the University of Chicago, everyone involved knew it was going to be a great experience. Tasked with renovating the student cafe, the innovation team went with a store-in-store market concept that would allow students the convenience and flexibility their schedules demanded. Market themed establishments have been on the rise along side consumer preferences for fast, yet healthier options. The snack revolution is also in full swing and when the idea was pitched for a bulk food display, Rosseto’s Bulkshop Gondola’s were the perfect fit. Evan Sheets from Bon Appetit stated:

“We chose Bulkshop for it’s versatility, clean look, how easy it was to assemble and for it’s overall layout. We honestly, really love the design. Coming from a counter where everything was displayed in jars, the people would all be backed up in a long line. Here everything is displayed flat and it’s a clean modern look that is going to fit into more concepts and grow with this business”. The result was a complete success. Shelves of vibrant colored snacks and beverages line bright white walls to create a space that feels fresh and inviting. Bulkshop Gondolas anchor the main wall with the largest variety of snack mixes anyone could ever dream of, from savory to sweet and everything in between.

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