Checklist for Successful Restaurants Guest Exprience is Essential for Repeat Business!

Steps of Service

P & O Do your servers understand the keys to your steps of service? From greeting tables and taking orders, to recommending menu items and providing excellent guest experience? Increase sales and Encourage Repeat business.

Alcohol Safety

Prevent issues around alcohol service with these keys to serving alcohol products safely and lawfully. Teach your staff how to serve, and who can be served. How to check ID. How to identify intoxicated guests and what to do if they are.

Table Service Teach the basics of table service. Give your employees a good foundation for excellent service

Beer Have you trained on the basics? Do they know the product that you are serving? Including the beer making process, key terminology, beer styles and how to pour?

Wine Have you trained on the basics of wine and get them ready for prime-time wine sales? Teach them how wine is made, key terminology , types of wine, and how to open and pour wine. What wine matches what food choices?

Spirits Have you introduced the fundamentals of distilled spirits? Do they know how to tell the difference between brandy and cognac, scotch, bourbon and more?


Selling the Food Menu is so important! Does your front-of-house team know everything they need to sell effectively? Do they have product knowledge? – this is the key to good sales.

Selling the Drink Menu – add on sales, knowing what and how to sell speciality drinks, beer and wine can measurably improve your staff’s ability to sell, as well as your own profits.

High Performance Server – train them to be high-powered, positive smiling guest service rock stars! Teach them how to sell, and give them the tools, techniques to increase their tips as well as your sales and profits.


Food Prep – consistency of standards for prepping ingredients is a non-negotiable! Helping to reduce food waste and increase profitability.

Plating – teaching how to consistently plate makes for a more consistent product, which makes for happy customers, and encourage repeat business.

Cocktails Making the most popular cocktails consistently is essential to any quality bar service. Teach how to add a bit of theatre!


Server Sidework train your team to keep your operations run like clockwork. Teach specific server sidework, procedures with an emphasis on cleanliness and being shift-ready.

Team (Culture)

History , Mission & Culture It’s all about the Why! Teach your employees your history, unique concept, values and mission. You will see dramatic improvements in your culture and show your employees your roots. Get this right, and it fixes it all!

HR & Scheduling Take the key elements of your handbook and teach employees the basics of your operation, from parking, to clocking in, to scheduling a vacation. No excuses for not knowing! Smoother 0perations for everyone!

Uniform & Appearance Teach your front of house how to dress for the job. Including approved clothing and uniform as well as hair, jewellery , makeup. Get your staff to look and present the right way for guest.

Handbook Verification – Have a set Induction agenda, make the handbook required reading as part of the new hire training program.

Food Saftey

Teach everything needed to pass the food handler certification test. Including causes of foodborne illness, personal hygiene, food safe temperatures and sanitisation. Lower your risk of food safety hazards and get an A rating on reviews.

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