Choosing the right cereal dispensers – from canister to paddle

Rosseto Food Dispenser

The old saying goes “A restaurant is only as good as the last meal you had there”. And great food relies on great serving equipment to keep it fresh, tasty and looking delicious. When it comes to

cereal and other dry foods, there’s no doubt that a food dispenser is by far the superior solution to open serving bowls. But with the range of dispensers out there being so varied in quality, the question becomes WHICH dispenser do I need?

At Top Shelf Concepts we sell Rosseto dry food and cereal dispensers, which is the number one dry food dispenser brand in the USA. Every aspect of these dispensers, from the base to the rotator shaft, has been designed to enhance your customer’s meal and save you hundreds of dollars in wasted food and clean-up staff costs. Over the next few blog posts we will take you through each component of our cereal dispensers to show you just how much difference a well designed, quality dispenser will make to your customers’ experience

Rosseto dry food and cereal dispensers’ patented paddle

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference, which is why the paddle plays a major role in the smooth operation of your dispenser. A good quality paddle is essential to:

• Keep food fresh and crunchy for the best meal possible • Leave cereal intact so it looks as great in the bowl as it did in the canister • Dispense food accurately and efficiently to eliminate spillage and messCereal Dispenser • Protect food from insects, germs and other contamination

Unfortunately, the paddles on many dispensers are of poor quality, causing problems like crushed, soggy food and messy dispensation.


By contrast, the Rosseto patented paddle has been cleverly designed for neat, efficient and effective service – every time. The paddle is made from silicone for optimum flexibility, which keeps thecereal or dry food perfectly intact and dispenses it accurately into the bowl. What’s more it has an airtight design to keep the food crisp and fresh and prevent any contaminants from entering the canister.

Top Shelf Concepts

As experts in easy and enticing food service and presentation, you can trust Top Shelf Concepts to provide you with only the best of the best for quality and value for money. We are the sole Australian stockists of Rosseto dispensers, and we’re here to help. Contact us on 07 3394 2043 or make an enquiry today!

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