Breakfast buffets for leisure and pleasure

Breakfast buffets shine with Rosseto cereal dispensersPaying guests, visitors and facility users rightly expect your breakfast buffet to be clean and pristine at all times. Top Shelf Concepts' managing director John Kiorgaard explains how you can meet their expectations.

Whether you run a large hotel or a more compact motel, making sure your clients and guests are happy with every aspect of your service and surroundings is crucial. And that means cleanliness has to be a top priority.

Dirty food areas and inappropriate buffet equipment, bowls of food, or dried out food with no sneeze guards, can increase the risk of cross-contamination and sickness. In turn, this invites negative press coverage and, in extreme circumstances, large insurance claims or council fines.

Running a business in the hospitality sector has always had its specific challenges. With so many issues to consider – health and safety being just one of them – managers and owners can't hope to be experts in every single field.  That's why partnering with a trusted and knowledgeable food presentation equipment supplier, with vast experience in the sectors, is a good idea.

Breakfast buffets shine with Rosseto cereal dispensersFood for thought at breakfast time

Beautiful food presentation for functions and events encourages repeat business, and therefore increased revenue growth. Countless smart operators and food professionals have proven that they just can’t afford not to invest in buffet equipment that adds the ‘wow factor’, while at the same time meeting food standards, being easy to clean, and offering fast replenishment.

We understand that food areas change from location to location within hotels and motels, from the beverage dispensing in the lobby and cereal dispensers in the breakfast buffet, to boardrooms or corporate suites and lounges. It means your food presentation has to be adaptable if it is going to be cost-effective and deliver results.

In places where people are looking to relax and unwind, such as hotels and motels, noise is another important issue to consider. Quiet service is top of the list for clients and guests who do not want to be disturbed by noisy crockery and dishes. So your hotel or motel needs buffet equipment that is durable and easy to set up, and that always looks and performs its best, in order to enhance the visitor experience.

Take a safety-first focus

Health and safety implications for food service are also vitally important, not only for food and beverage managers, but also for guests, other visitors, and your staff. Problems such as uncovered food or mess on the floor pose a significant risk of injury to staff, clients or guests.  This is particularly relevant to hotels and motels, as members of the public will use your facilities at all times of the day and night.

Minimising the chances of trips, slips and falls is therefore a must – and giving your staff equipment that reduces these risks is therefore advisable. The latest buffet equipment from Rosseto – including multi-level risers, portion control dispensers, and bakery cases – offers not only better results, but also increased safety too.

Breakfast buffets will always need to be monitored. But by choosing Rosseto buffet solutions, you can help keep monitoring and maintenance needs to a minimum.

Breakfast buffets shine with Rosseto cereal dispensersEnjoy the versatility of Rosseto

Rosseto multi-level risers and surfaces are supremely versatile, able to be used for a variety of functions and events from an intimate wedding to catering for large crowds. Their varied configurations and very effective use of space, with horizontal and vertical serving, make them a popular and versatile presentation option

Modern Rosseto buffet equipment is lighter, with a smaller footprint, higher visibility, easier manoeuvrability, and faster setup. It also offers you the added ability to transform from a breakfast setting, to a lunch buffet, right through to a chic cocktail evening presentation, depending on the event or function you need to cater for.

Bakery cases for buffets are become increasingly popular. Not only do they look great and serve food fast, they also offer quiet operation – which can be a key factor if you’re cleaning or setting up in executive suites.

Improve your buffet with Top Shelf Concepts

There's no doubt that food and beverage service in hotels and motels has to stand up to a lot of harsh treatment. So your serving and presentation of food should be carefully thought through in order to maintain the high standard that guests and clients expect.  From bakery cases to warming solutions, with Top Shelf Concepts this is perfectly achievable, ensuring that your guests will always receive a warm welcome – and stay with you next time they’re in town.

For more ideas on integrating our high quality Rosseto products into your breakfast buffet, speak to our friendly team today!

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