Customised Newsprint Waxed Paper for Bavarian Bier Cafes

Sometimes you just need to go that extra mile to impress your customers – and that's exactly what the chain of Bavarian Bier Cafes across Australia (owned by Urban Purveyor Group) have done.

They've teamed up with Top Shelf Concepts to produce their own sheets of customised newsprint paper, complete with German-language stories – so that their customers don't just get a real taste of Germany, but they get to experience the visual impact of the country too.

The waxed newsprint paper is food grade and designed for use in professional kitchens, and the Bavarian Bier Cafes are using it to serve:

  • Burgers,
  • Hot dogs,
  • Cooked breakfasts,
  • Filled baguettes,
  • And lots more.
Customised Newsprint Paper, Bavarian Bier Cafe

They also purchased some mini fry baskets – the perfect accompaniment to the newsprint paper – which are great for serving chunky chips, skinny fries, wedges and other side orders.

For a taste of modern Bavarian food (and to see our newsprint paper in action), head to one of the Bavarian Bier Cafes around Australia (visit their website here to see locations).

Could your restaurant, cafe or hotel use customised waxed newspaper to take your dishes to the next level? See our range today, or get in touch with our creative team to discuss your options!






IMG_37778385979914 Photos from the Bavarian Bier Cafe Facebook page



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