Energising ideas for your coffee shop

Give your coffee shop a boost with beautiful Rosseto risers.As Aussie coffee drinkers become more and more educated and knowledgeable about their favourite drink, coffee shop owners are having to go to ever-greater lengths to differentiate themselves in a growing array of boutique coffee venues.

Providing excellent coffee and great service are a given; but you can also steal a march on your competitors with a unique theme and intriguing interior design, complete with stylish beverage dispensers and buffet risers.

For a singular customer experience that helps you stand out, think about ways to incorporate your brand into every aspect of your coffee shop. We’ve put together some ideas on how to create a synergy in your space that will keep customers coming back for more!

Keep your customer at the centre of your design

Get more coffee shop custom with this attractive bakery column.To create the ideal experience for your customers, remember that people tend to gravitate towards shops which reflect their view of themselves and their world. Think about your geographical location, any socio-economic factors, and if particular cultures are well represented locally.

Remember that people are paying good money to enjoy some ‘time out’ in your establishment. They are right to expect a high standard of products and services when they’re enjoying eating out – and this should be reflected in your design, shop layout and standard of food presentation equipment.

High quality beverage dispensers such as our modern Rosseto polished steel and wood designs add an air of sophisticated style to your store. Their outstanding design includes features such as adjustable settings and solid, top quality acrylic reservoirs which complement the ambience of your coffee shop. Their modular design means you can easily pair multiple dispensers together, to create an inviting beverage station for your guests.

Remember that people eat with their eyes

It may be an old wisdom, but it’s worth repeating: your customers will choose their food and drink largely based on what they see. So it’s crucially important to not only show off your food on your menu, but also to ensure you have an attractive visual display, such as high-res photos of your cuisine around your shop.

And of course, it’s vital to actually display your delicious food with the help of our elegant Rosseto buffet risers. They’re available in a choice of finishes which can complement your décor, including stainless steel for a modern touch, matte black to add chic style, or natural bamboo to reinforce a green-friendly theme.

Nothing transforms the mood of your store quite so much as lighting. Create a relaxing space by using soft lights to illuminate individual tables, or draw attention to the areas you wish by lighting one wall and darkening the rest.

Ensure that form follows function

Coffee shops benefit from beautiful, modern display ideas.It’s worth putting some thought into making it as easy as possible for people to hand over their money to you! As well as ensuring visual cohesion, think about the way your coffee shop will function from the perspective of your guests.

Make sure your displays follow well-established merchandising rules by focussing on just one or two related products, rather than your entire catalogue. For example, if you sell home coffee grinders, it’s a good idea to place coffee beans and filters alongside for upselling opportunities and impulse buys.

Integrate your fit out with high quality Rosseto products and create an inviting destination for your customers. For more great ideas and creative food presentation, contact our friendly team today!

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