Fresh ideas for reducing waste

Reconsider the way you use fresh ingredients.

Today, more and more people both in Australia and around the world are thinking about what they can do to improve the health of our planet. So it’s important to put strategies in place to ensure your business is seen to be reducing waste, and running as efficiently and eco-friendly as possible. As a restaurant or hotel manager, you can decrease your venue’s environmental impact by taking some time to consider the amount of waste you produce.

We’ve put together some helpful tips and ideas to help you get started.

Remember the 3 R’s

Though it isn’t a new idea, it’s still as effective as ever: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!

By thinking about these simple concepts and how they apply to your business, you can reassess the way you create waste and begin strategies for reducing waste. Consider and redesign the way you use fresh produce, ingredients and utensils. Think about what is being thrown away, and what should be saved or repurposed for future use. And of course, recycling can be a very effective way to decrease your impact on the environment even further.

Uncover the source of your restaurant’s waste

Reduce waste by rethinking portion sizes

It’s frightening how much waste the average Australian restaurant can produce in a year. New research suggests it’s as much as 70 tonnes per restaurant, every year! To help reduce this sobering figure for your business, think about waste in terms of ‘pre-customer’ and ‘post-customer’ stages.

‘Pre-customer’, or kitchen waste, includes all the things you can control as the restaurant owner or manager. This includes incorrectly prepared dishes (which are sent back and discarded), spoiled food, and overproduction. Think about the way your kitchen operates and put in place a plan to reduce this pre-customer waste.

‘Post-customer’ waste is a little harder to control, as it’s mainly up to your customers. But there are still things you can do, such as rethinking the portion sizes you provide. If you serve food in a buffet, consider removing unnecessary or under-consumed foods from your presentation. You may also like to try getting rid of serving trays, which research shows can encourage people to take more food than they can realistically eat back to their table, with an obvious increase in wastage.

Choose high quality food presentation products

Top Shelf Concepts’ Rosseto buffet displays are another way your business can minimise its waste production.  Made from high quality materials such as stainless steel and acrylic, they’re highly durable and unlikely to break or malfunction, which means less food thrown away. Rosseto dispensers feature an innovative paddle wheel serving mechanism, which allows precise portion control for less mess, wastage and clean-up. And of course, when you serve your food on such stylish, modern displays, you’ll find you have fewer leftovers too!

To find out how you can run a more efficient, more enticing food service, talk to the experienced Top Shelf Concepts team today!

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