From Asian Tradition to Modern Australian Dining: Reviving Japanese and Chinese Tea Culture

tea culture for JapaneseServing tea is an art and a spiritual discipline in Japan and China. Also called chanoyu in Japan and chayi in China, tea ceremonies have major influences on the development of Japanese and Chinese cultures. Tea helps people create intimate connections with art, literature, religion and philosophy.

Traditional Tea Practices

A tea ceremony in Japan involves a choreographic preparation and presentation of matcha (powdered green tea). Tea ceremonies have been an integral part of the Japanese culture for many centuries and are, according to Alexandre Avdulov, a perfect paradigm for life-long learning. They are celebrations performed with grace, mindfulness and great respect for tradition.

Chinese tea culture differs from that of Japan in terms of taste, preparation and occasion. The Chinese consume tea regularly, both on casual and formal events. They also serve tea as a sign of respect to elders, as a formal apology and as a gesture of gratitude. To the Chinese, tea is an essential part of self-cultivation.

Contemporary Australian Tea Ceremonies

Today, the Japanese and Chinese practices of serving tea have travelled way beyond the borders of Asia and into contemporary dining settings across the globe.

In November 2017, as a salute to Japan’s Culture Day, the first Japanese High Tea Ceremony of Australia was held at the summit of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Three participants partook in a tea ceremony 134 metres above the ground, overlooking the gorgeous cityscape of Sydney. Wendy Lin and Julian McVittie, two tea enthusiasts, chose the iconic bridge because of the majestic views of the harbour as well as its symbolic significance in Australia culture.

Bo Wong, an Australian woman of Chinese heritage, regularly holds tea ceremonies in indoor and outdoor spaces for guests from across Australia. Participants book her for private sessions, social gatherings and special events. Wong’s goal is to meet like-minded individuals who have the same desire to connect, practise tea culture and celebrate life.

Tea, Today and Tomorrow

Modern dining gives you the opportunity to preserve Asian tea culture. In fact, holding your own tea ceremony is a wonderful way to pay tribute to traditional Japanese and Chinese practices.

Create a peaceful setting for your guests and offer them a warm welcome. If you’re working with a large venue, transform the dining setting into an intimate space where the guests face each other.

Then, serve simply. Place your tea in a beautiful Japanese cast iron teapot and pour them into teacups. To balance the bitter taste of the tea, bring out a plate of confectioneries. Connect with your guests and express gratitude for their willingness to participate in the ceremony.

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