How to put together the ideal breakfast buffet

attractive breakfast buffetsAustralia is fast becoming a nation of breakfasters and brunchers! From Melbourne to Perth, Adelaide to Brisbane, there’s nothing like eggs-your-way and a cup of good quality coffee from your favourite breakfast buffet to start the day.

So to make sure your dining venue stands out from the pack, it’s never been more important to create food presentation that shows off your breakfast buffet at its best. We took a look at five things you can do NOW to create the ultimate tempting brekkie buffet

1. Brew a warm welcome with cast iron tea pots

There’s something about the experience of drinking tea that can’t be found with any other beverage. Perhaps it’s the knowledge of being part of a

beautiful cast iron tea pots

centuries-long tradition; the feeling of warmth and comfort; or simply the taste of tea that keeps your patrons coming back for more.

So to make the most of your customers’ tea drinking experience, make sure you present their favourite cuppa the time-honoured way, with cast iron teapots. It's the perfect way to make your brekkie venue stand out from your competition.

Designed in a Japanese style, these durable cast iron teapots feature a removable stainless steel strainer, making them ideal for serving either fresh tea leaves or teabags. Choose from five stylish colours in 0.3L, 0.5L, and 1L sizes.

2. Make a healthy start to the day’s profits with cereal dispensers

Rosseto cereal dispensers add style to your breakfast buffet

The days of leaving out multi-pack mini cereal boxes for your breakfast guests are over! Today’s hungry breakfasters are looking for a little more from their brekkie buffet provider of choice – and you can give it to them with Rosseto cereal dispensers.

These beautifully designed, high quality cereal dispensers add a touch of class to your breakfast buffet. With their brilliant portion control paddles, they keep your buffet tidy and reduce wastage and costs.

And with today’s consumers becoming every more environmentally conscious, you can make a good impression – and reduce your clean-up time – by having a healthy supply of EcoStyle bio wood plates, boat dishes and cutlery on hand.

3. Bakery building blocks give a fresh approach to baked goods

Unique bakery building blocks

There’s nothing like great fresh food presentation to sell more brekkie goods and keep your guests coming back for more. One way to ensure your bakery goods stay fresh, accessible, and very appealing, is to create a customised display with Rosseto bakery building blocks.

Featuring crystal clear acrylics and your choice of black matte acrylic or natural wood finishes, they’re the ideal way to stylishly present your delicious range of bakery goods.

And what’s more, their clever design features unique connectors top and bottom, which let you quickly and easily attach several bakery building blocks together for an irresistible display. Acrylic bakery displays are the ideal way to present pastries, croissants, bagels, fresh fruit and more.

breakfast buffet display4. Make a healthy serve with fresh, delicious fruit

While of course fruit is an essential part of every diet, there is a danger that your healthy offerings can pale by comparison to all the other brekkie delights you have on offer. So for a fresh fruit display that’s anything but boring, assemble an impressive presentation with Rosseto buffets and riser displays.

Available in an array of stylish finishes, including stainless steel, matte black, and natural bamboo, Rosseto buffet food display systems are the sure way to create an inspiring brekkie destination.

5. Beverage dispensers keep breakfast guests refreshed

Rosseto beverage dispensers

Of course, assorted fruit juices and fresh milk are an essential part of any breakfast buffet. So for a straightforward way to create a beautiful beverage station, put together a selection of Rosseto beverage dispensers from Top Shelf Concepts.

Stylish yet functional, these modern beverage dispensers are available in natural bamboo, gloss black, and solid acrylic finishes to perfectly complement you buffet.

Made from solid, top quality acrylic with an ingenious removable top-loading ice chamber, our beverage dispensers are perfect for keeping breakfast beverages colder for longer. They’re not only beautiful on their own, but also totally compatible with the whole Rosseto range. So it’s easy to pair two or more dispensers with a modular surface in glass, acrylic or wood to create a unique and very tempting beverage station.

For more fresh breakfast buffet display ideas from Top Shelf Concepts, get in touch with our team today or call us on 07 3394 2043 now. 

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