Make your buffet presentation jolly memorable this Christmas

Top Shelf Concepts helps your buffet display make an impression

Christmas is a special time of year – so your guests will want to experience something out-of-the-ordinary when they dine with you over the festive season. So this year, make sure your Christmas catering is memorable, not mundane!

That’s where Top Shelf Concepts’ philosophy truly shines. We believe that, instead of being purely functional, serving solutions should be stylish, elegant, and attractive too. Especially at Christmas! That’s why we’re the exclusive Australian suppliers of Rosseto buffet systems. 

Adaptable Rosseto buffet display systems

SGP6655Our beautiful Rosseto buffet displays are a world away from the usual tired chafers and serving bowls on tables. They’re so stylish and enticing, they actually serve as a striking ‘centrepiece’ to your buffet display, instead of simply being hardware to be hidden away.

Rosseto’s newly expanded range of buffet presentation solutions new features warming and cooling options, and serving components, all designed to help you make the most of your serving space and create an inviting buffet layout.

One of the best things about Rosseto buffet displays is their impressive modularity. You can easily mix different heights, surface finishes, and accessories to create the perfect buffet station for your venue. And of course, it makes them easily reconfigurable for whatever different events you’re planning.

Rosseto buffet presentation displays are made in the USA from high grade stainless steel. So they’ll keep functioning and stay looking good over the long haul. It’s a winning combination that has made Rosseto buffet display systems the number 1 brand in the United States and beyond.

Outstanding buffet warming options

Rosseto warmer station

When you’re serving hot food as part of your buffet, keeping it at a consistently warm temperature is obviously critical. Both for food safety reasons and to keep your guests satisfied, you need a buffet warming system that you can rely on.

Rosseto have created the next generation of buffet warming technology, featuring optimal heat distribution to provide a safe and reliable food warming and display option.

Instead of boring, dome shaped chafers, the chic Rosseto system features a range of buffet warmers, in 17 cm and 25 cm heights, in your choice of honeycomb, round and square riser designs.

Brilliant summer buffet cooling

Of course, Christmas in Australia means long, hot days and plenty of need for refreshing cold drinks and cool culinary creations. So your buffet will need plenty of reliable cooling options to ensure your cold food and drinks stay that way.

Top Shelf Concepts’ food and beverage display coolers by Rosseto combine tasteful design with sturdy construction that’s built to last. They feature high quality ice tubs and trays made from commercial-grade acrylic, and are available in a range of designs to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your Christmas buffet display.

So, whether you’re creating an all-you-can-eat outdoor summer buffet or a poolside finger food station, Rosseto buffet cooling solutions will help your guests keep their cool this summer.

Buffet surfaces that are flat-out fantastic

SGP6668Your beautifully crafted food displays are nothing without a stylish surface to rest on. So it’s good to know that Rosseto buffet surfaces connect seamlessly to the entire range of buffet risers, and cooling and warming solutions.

These easy-to-set-up buffet surfaces are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to  match the style or theme of your event. Choose from chic black tempered glass; eco-friendly bamboo or walnut; or commercial-grade acrylic  finishes to complement the rest of your Rosseto buffet display.

With Rosseto buffet surfaces, it’s never been easier to create elegant buffet stations that are sure to attract more guests to your venue this festive season.

For more superb Christmas and New Year buffet presentation ideas, contact the friendly Top Shelf Concepts team today or call us on 07 3394 2043 now.

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