Make your Melbourne Cup event unforgettable

race_day_paper_sheetTop Shelf Concepts helps you create a superior Spring Carnival experience

This year, make sure your Melbourne Cup event catering is first across the line, with expert advice and top quality food presentation from Top Shelf Concepts.

You can ensure your Spring Racing Carnival function or event is not only memorable, but also stress-free, by making the most of Top Shelf Concepts’ outstanding food display ideas.

We offer everything you need to create a spectacular Melbourne Cup event, from EcoStyle bamboo picks & skewers, to beautiful disposable beverageware, and full Rosseto buffet displays

Create a racing carnival atmosphere at your venue

It’s often said that horse racing is “the sport of kings”. So when you’re deciding on a theme for your race day event catering, class and sophistication should be key elements. And apart from all that, remember to have fun with your event styling!

Thinking of horse racing brings a rainbow of colours to mind – the jockeys’ shirts, spring flowers, blue sky and bright green turf. However, it’s a good idea to limit your Melbourne Cup event palette to one or two bright colours to avoid a cluttered appearance, perhaps complemented by classic black or white.

Champagne Flute - Style

Let your guests celebrate with gorgeous beverageware

A nibble, a flutter, and a tipple – they’re the stuff Spring Racing Carnival events are made of! So when you’re planning your Melbourne Cup day, remember that champagne, wine and beer will no doubt be top of mind for your guests.

As your event stretches on however, breakages will occur. So it’s important to have an alternative to using your precious glassware for your race day guests.

A better alternative to actual glasses is gorgeous faux glassware from Rosseto. Top Shelf Concepts provides the entire Rosseto Liteware range, from champagne and wine cups to beer cups, martini cups and more.

Rosseto Liteware is strong and durable, and looks exactly like real glassware. And because they’re disposable, there’s no need to worry about breakages or washing up. It’s the ideal solution when you’re catering for race day events large or small.

Smart ways to revitalise finger food

With a champagne glass in one hand at all times, guests will appreciate you serving finger food that’s easily managed with their other free hand.

TopStyle chip & dip cones are the perfect solution. These high quality, pre-folded cardboard cones are sturdy enough to hold any number of enticing Spring Carnival finger foods – without any washing up to worry about at the end of the day.

And of course, no guest wants sloppy sauce to ruin their race day ensemble. That makes our chip & dip cones’ handy foldout sauce receptacle so valuable. Mayonnaise, aioli, chutney and sauces of all kinds will stay right where the are – and away from guests’ clothing.

raceday1_resized_Wrap up your perfect race day catering

On Melbourne Cup day, it’s not just your guests’ ensembles that must reflect the height of fashion – your catering has to look its absolute best as well.

Race Day waxed food paper is the perfect way to elevate the humble sandwich into a chic style statement, so easily. This food-grade printed wax paper is printed with a race day design that makes it the perfect talking point for your catering.

It’s sure to make your Spring Racing Carnival buffet stand out! And speaking of which…

SM130 White Multi-Level Riser 12 with Bamboo -AtmosCreate a winning race day buffet setup with Rosseto

Rosseto buffet displays are the hassle-free, easy-to-set-up way to take your Cup day buffet presentation to the next level. These beautiful modular risers and surfaces bring together quality materials, high visibility, and US-made durability.

Their flexible design makes it easy to set up your buffet in countless different configurations, to create your ideal event catering. This spring, choose the buffet system that’s fast and easy to set up, and looks a million dollars!

Talk to our expert team to find out how we can help you save time and money this spring racing season. Get in touch online or call Top Shelf Concepts on 3394 2043 today.

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