Master the Art of Convenience with Bento Boxes

Bento boxThe bento box's popularity has spread across different cultures because of its versatility. The origin of the word "bento" means "convenience" or "convenient" and rightfully so because of the many conveniences it presents.

Eating on the Go

Bento lunches in early Japan were meant to store rice and food so they can be eaten later. Today, bento boxes allow people on the go to eat at their comfort, and they can always go back to the box if they have leftovers.

The containers usually come in small lunch boxes that are easy to carry around and do not take a lot of space in school bags or backpacks. The meals are also moulded or divided into bite-sized pieces that are easy to consume during travels or quick breaks.

Pack and Take as Many as You Like

Some bento boxes can be stacked on top of each other while others have deep compartments that can store layers of food. Some even have dividers that let you pack different types of food in one container. Because bento boxes are tightly packed, it retains the freshness of the food inside.

This feature of bento boxes allows people to serve as much food as they like and take as many as they can without worrying about the freshness of the dishes. The divided compartments can also let you enjoy both soup-based dishes and dry foods together.

Save and Maximise Space

If you're looking for clean and minimalist compartments for your next snack party, Top Shelf Concepts proudly offers our BentoStyle brand, a collection of beautiful, sturdy and eco-friendly disposable bento boxes.

Our versatile bento boxes can pack any food with its flat-packed, unique folding design that can minimise storage space requirement. We also have cylindrical containers that can serve soup-based dishes.

Hassle-Free and Eco-Friendly

Our BentoStyle bento boxes are made from plantation trees and food grade glassine paper that line both sides of the container. We eliminate the hassle of washing dishes and minimise the risk of breaking plates, saving you both time and money and letting you conserve energy. The sturdy and eco-friendly materials used in making the bento boxes provide an excellent alternative to food and snacks traditionally served in paper or plastic containers.

Top Shelf Concepts is the sole Australian supplier of eco-friendly disposable bento boxes. Our BentoStyle containers are available in round, oval, square and rectangular boxes that can pack different kinds of food, as well as thick sauces and wet dishes. They're not only great for serving Asian dishes like noodles and sushi but also for finger food and desserts. We sell our BentoStyle containers in convenient packs of 100.

If you're looking for economic and environment-friendly food containers and serving plates, Top Shelf Concepts has a wide range of commercial catering equipment for parties of all sizes. With our products, your snacks will be the life of your party.

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