Beautiful deli counter display for new IGA Store

The brand new IGA at Sanctuary Cove (south of Brisbane) had been open for a couple of days, when they realised they needed a beautiful deli counter display system to help show off their meats and cheeses in the most appealing way.

Deli counter display

They contacted us to find out their options, and we advised them of the best style of deli counter solution that would look good inside their long display fridges.

The flexible deli counter option

Because they needed a modular, flexible deli display system that they could use in multiple different ways, we suggested that they went for the bamboo Rosseto Skycap buffet system that can be customised to suit each situation.

They bought a few pieces, and then loved it so much that they placed a second order a few days later! They are now using it to add height and style to their entire deli area – not just the meat counter section, as originally intended.

Their deli counter now looks amazing, and they are extremely pleased with the results (as well as making lots of sales).

Interested in our deli display solutions? Check out our Skycap range, or contact our team for help and advice







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