Hosting a Party? Have you Considered Buying Plastic Cups and Wine Glasses Online?

L50500-2If you’re hosting a party in the near future, whether it be for a large family gathering or a work function of some kind, part of your preparations will undoubtedly be to arrange the food and drink. There are all sorts of considerations to decide upon, what type of food to put out, whether you need a vegetarian option, disposable or real cutlery, and of course, glasses in which to serve drinks.

You might not want to get the best crystal glasses out for your guests, especially if some of the guests might be children, so what’s the best way to go? You could buy some cheap disposable plastic cups – but some of those are too low-quality for what you want for your party. Where’s the middle ground? Well, perhaps you could consider buying plastic wine glasses and plastic cups online from Top Shelf Concepts instead. Imitation glassware is all the rage now, since it looks just as good as the real thing, and yet provides the ultimate in convenience at the same time.

If you think that your guests won’t appreciate having their drinks served in plastic glasses, then you might be somewhat surprised. The Liteware range of faux glass wine glasses is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Most of your guests won’t even know the difference, and if they do, then they will be mightily impressed at how good they are. In fact, some guests might even ask you where you got them from; such are their quality.

L50300-1Parties and family gatherings are a perfect example where you might need wine glasses, but what if your gathering is a little more – say a celebration such as a wedding or an awards ceremony. The chances are, you’ll want something in which to serve a toast. For that reason, it’s also possible to order plastic champagne glasses and plastic champagne flutes from the same range. These flutes and glasses look fantastic, and like everything in the disposable beverageware range at Top Shelf Concepts, they are completely disposable after your event.

So, apart from the obvious advantage of being cheaper than real glass, what are the benefits of choosing faux glass wine glasses and cups for your event? Well, as you might imagine there are many pros. Firstly, once your event is over, there is no washing up to do. You may have hundreds of guests, and each might use two or more glasses throughout the evening. That creates a lot of work for your caterers to deal with. Secondly, it’s safer than using real glass. When your party really gets going, you don’t want broken glasses causing a hazard. Plastic cups and glasses are much safer, especially with kids around.

Finally, if you go for one of our top brands such as TopStyle, EcoStyle or BentoStyle ranges, you’re guaranteed a top-quality product that gives a high visual impact on the drinks you serve. Where can you get your hands on some of these high-quality plastic glasses? Give Top Shelf Concepts a call on 1300 81 30 40, or check out the online store. With delivery available Australia-wide and in New Zealand, plus same day dispatch on all orders placed before 2pm, you can’t go wrong!

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