Rosseto helps Adelaide Convention Centre display its quality

Adelaide’s award-winning Convention Centre is renowned as one of the world’s top venues, with a reputation for providing superior product, in world-class facilities, and always to an exceptional standard.

So when the Convention Centre set out to find a new buffet serving system, the Rosseto range from Top Shelf Concepts soon made its way to the top of their list.

Udo Ruckdäschel, Manager of Event Floor Services for the Centre, said that Rosseto’s user friendliness was a major selling point. “We have up to 800 staff here at the Convention Centre, many of them casual. So for us, it’s crucial that we can teach them to use new serving displays very quickly.”

“With Rosseto, it takes just half an hour to train our staff in how to use the system – which is a big advantage in our deadline-driven industry.”

Exceptional quality is another area where Rosseto shines. “We host hundreds of functions every year, so our serving displays not only have to be easy to set up, they have to be built to last as well.”

“We find Rosseto to be strong and very solidly built, so it’s easy for our team to put together a very attractive buffet that looks the part, whether we’re creating a grazing buffet or a high end cocktail party.”

Rosseto serving solutions will help you impress your guests at your next event. See the entire range HERE or speak to our friendly product experts today!

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