Styling Drink Stations: Entice Guests to Stop for a Drink

A drink station is a great way to add life to a party. People can choose, make their own drinks and get refills anytime. With drinks at the ready, they will feel more at ease and in the mood to mingle and have fun with other guests.

At Top Shelf Concepts, we can give you great styling ideas to make a drink station one of the highlights of a party.

Styling Begins with the Dispenser

Details matter in food and drink presentation; more so for the centrepieces. This is why it helps to choose dispensers that can showcase the drinks you serve.

At Top Shelf Concepts, we have a range of glass dispensers that make drinks look appealing. Our infusion dispensers, which are made of clear glass with bamboo, steel, black matte or acrylic bases, look stunning by themselves and will look even more attractive with complementing accents.

Table Accents: Match the Theme

The drinks table should stand on its own aesthetically without diverging from the party’s theme. Bring it into the fold by using the same decorations and accents on the food table and dessert station. For parties without a particular theme, enhancing the ambience of the venue is the best option.

A Shared or Separate Table?

Unless you are serving only one or two kinds of drinks, it’s best to have a separate table for your drink station. This prevents guests from crowding around one area of the venue at any given time. The best spot for a drink station is any wide space near the fringes of the venue. If possible, pull the table away from the wall to allow people to walk around it and fully appreciate the display.

Top Shelf Concepts provides stunning cold beverage infusers and dispensers for parties in Australia. With these products, your drinks station will be as much of a party highlight as the cake or buffet.

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