Tea display ideas to help brew greater profits

Tea display ideas with dispensers and Japanese style tea potsAfter water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Today, Australians consume an incredible 14,000 tonnes of tea every year!

With the increasing popularity of specialty tea and coffee shops in Australia, bulk loose leaf tea sales are steadily increasing. And at the same time, statistics show sales of ready-to-drink canned teas and instant teas are actually declining. That spells opportunity for your coffee shop, café, or tea room business - thanks to tea display ideas such as tea and coffee dispensers from Rosseto! 

It’s tea’s time to shine. Are you ready?

Your business needs to innovate and customise the tea experience you provide for customers, to stay ahead of the game. If you own or run a café, coffee shop, or tea room, now is the time to leverage niche tea offerings on your menu – in particular with younger tea drinkers.

Over the next five years, continuous strong growth is predicted for the tea industry, driven by customisation, convenience, a focus on the healthful properties of tea, and the continued development of unique, tasty, and exclusive teas.

You can ensure your product range is right on trend by adding attractive, "must-have" products such as our beautiful Japanese-style tea pots.

Showcase your bulk tea with Rosseto dispensers

Tea and coffee dispensers from RossetoThe days of obscuring your bulk tea in bins, boxes and pouches are over! Consumers today want to be enticed by the look, feel and smell of fresh products – and that includes bulk loose leaf tea. So by using tea display ideas such as Rosseto’s sophisticated, transparent tea and coffee dispensers, you can showcase all of the unique ingredients in your tea and tea blends. It’s an ideal way to increase your customers’ perception of the quality and freshness of your business’s products.

Whether your business is a specialty retailer, supermarket, coffee shop or tea room, there are many ways to ensure it benefits from new ideas for displaying bulk teas. By refurbishing your tea display, you can create excitement for customers, reduce packaging and waste, easily set up and maintain your display, and of course present a consistently appealing brand.

Your customers too will benefit from greater value, fresher products, easier customisation, and improved portion control – all with a little help from Rosseto’s amazing range of modern coffee and tea dispensers.

Just imagine how customers will flock to your business once they realise they can purchase just the right amount of tea; customise their perfect blend; or trail something new!

Tea display ideas help you unleash your “creativiTEA”

Tea display ideas such as Japanese style tea potsAs a business owner or manager you’ll know you can never be too creative with your marketing or merchandising. So instead of sticking with the same old retail display techniques, why not try:

  • Letting your customers blend their own teas for a customised brew
  • Creating your own unique specialty teas for particular niches, such as a soothing bedtime blend, kid-friendly creation, or ‘masculine’ flavour
  • Offering tea bags for time-poor customers looking for easy tea-on-the-go
  • Giving steep time guidelines on your bulk packaged tea

Unit pricing for tea makes cents

At AUD$30 or more per kilogram, specialty teas can be perceived as an expensive luxury item by some customers. To overcome this, it’s a great idea to point out that a single kilo of loose leaf tea can make more than 400 cups!

So in addition to your ‘per kilo’ pricing, why not include a ‘cost per cup’ message that shows your customers just what great value you’re providing. It’s also a message that dovetails neatly with Rosseto tea and coffee dispensers’ ability to precisely deliver the amount your customers need.

These are just some of the outstanding presentation ideas that are sure to be your business’s cup of tea! To see what’s brewing at Top Shelf Concepts, get in touch today or call us on 07 3394 2043 now. 

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