Tips for Creating a Great Continental Breakfast Buffet using Rosseto Serving Solutions

Creating a great continental breakfast experience for patrons helps your guests start their day off right and is guaranteed to bring repeat business to your establishment. However, presentation is just as important as the meal itself. Here are a few tips to help you design the best setup for a continental breakfast buffet.


Nutritious and great-tasting cereal is an essential part of any continental breakfast buffet. Consider offering more than one type – shredded wheat, whole grain puffs, wheat flakes and all-bran are great choices for cereal. While you might think placing boxes on a table is the easiest, most decorative way to display your selections, it could easily get disorganized and leave people shying away. Try using an aesthetically pleasing stainless steel dispenser like the one offered by Rosseto Serving Solutions. These polished dispensers are a stylish alternative that combines beauty with functionality. The versatile spouts and containers of Rosseto’s dispensing systems seal in freshness and makes clean-up fast and easy.


Fresh fruit is another staple of continental breakfast. Before you slice up any bananas, apples or oranges, remember that presentation is key. Take your fruit to the sink and wash it thoroughly to remove any lingering dirt or dried juices. After the fruit is clean and patted dry, organize the fruit in clusters – green and red grapes can go together, while colourful apples and oranges can be set next to each other as well. A tip for displaying bananas: Dip them in lemon juice to prevent browning. To add unmatched quality and style to your continental buffet setup, consider using Rosseto’s buffet and riser displays. They feature stainless steel designs and finishes that your clientele won’t forget.


Coffee, tea and fruit juices are must-haves at your continental breakfast. Rosseto beverage dispensers come with modern yet functional polished wood finishes. They can also hold different volumes of liquid, with their reserves ranging from 3 to 15 litres. Consider adding slices of fruit to a number of juices to create the most attractive buffet setup possible.

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