Top Three Food and Beverage Dispensers for Corporate Events

Snack Food DispensersCorporate events require a more professional approach towards dining. Unlike standard dinner parties with family and friends, a corporate gathering requires a professional way of dispensing quality foods and beverages. In a corporate setting, access to food and beverages should be easy, able to accommodate large groups and meet the demand for flexible serving times. Food and beverage dispensers are a sought-after answer to these demands for many large corporate events. They are often used in buffet set-ups and provide an attractive yet practical feature for corporate clients and staff. Top Shelf Concepts carries a wide range of Rosetto dispensers for the corporate environment.

Here are some of them:

Beverage Dispensers

Manufactured from top quality materials, Rosetto beverage dispensers are perfect for serving drinks throughout the day. Their removable top-loading ice chamber keeps drinks chilled so that beverages can be provided ahead of time. They come in acrylic, wood, and stainless steel finishes to match various interior designs.

Snack Food Dispensers

Whether in between meetings and seminars, when guests might want snacks, or for breakfast, when clients stay overnight, Rosetto design their line of dispensers for quick service of dry food such as nuts or cereal. Their narrow nozzles pour the snacks directly into bowls to keep the service area tidy. The dispenser hygienically stores and dispenses food throughout the event.

Herbs and Spices Dispensers

Rosetto’s collection of herbs and spices dispensers is excellent for any buffet service. Most products in the line are wall-mounted and can easily be stationed near the main course for the guest’s convenience. To avoid making a mess by sprinkling spices or other condiments, using Rosetto’s containers prevents unnecessary clean-ups during the event.

Top Shelf Concepts is a leading Australian supplier and distributor of all things' food display. For an extensive collection of food and beverage dispensers in Australia, contact us by calling 1300 81 30 40. Make an impression and enhance your food displays with Top Shelf Concept today.

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