Make the most of your buffet display

Create the perfect buffet display with Top Shelf Concepts.Whether you’re updating your existing buffet display, or building a new setup from a clean sheet of paper, it’s important to have fun and consider the overall effect as you work. It’s a great time to consider including beautiful new features and equipment, such as Top Shelf Concepts’ Rosseto buffet risers and beverage dispensers, to make sure your buffet really catches the eye and brings you in a healthy number of customers.

Start with a blank canvas

Rather than trying to match new materials and patterns to your existing buffet ware, it’s a good idea to clear everything off your buffet and its surrounds, and create your new design afresh. Trying to mix and match old serving ware with new items is a sure way to create culinary chaos! Instead, test out a wide variety of new buffet equipment, before settling on the type you love.

Let your sense of style shine

Modern, stylish Rosseto buffet displays add a touch of class to your buffet.When you set out to remodel your buffet, keep in mind – this is your chance to set your business apart from the competition! Let your personality and sense of style come to the fore, and avoid taking the ‘cookie cutter’ approach. For example, using a broad range of colours can create a fun theme that engages your guests and helps you stand out. But remember, with buffet accessories a little goes a long way – keep it simple and stay focused.

Decorating your space is an art

If you have wall space around your buffet display, it’s the ideal place to hang artwork or photography to enhance the ambience of your display, and give guests some entertainment while they’re waiting to partake in your delicious cuisine.

Ensure that your art is evenly distributed around your buffet, and try to maintain a sense of balance – don’t simply crowd every wall with decoration as this can create a jarring effect. You can also consider the old real estate agent’s trick of using large designer mirrors to make small spaces appear larger.

Help your buffet design soar

Stylish Rosseto hexagonal buffet risers.It’s not just the horizontal serving space which can be enhanced with creative ideas for food presentation. Consider using products in the vertical plane to add visual drama and emphasis, such as hanging lamps or tall vases. With thoughtful use of height, you can extend the visual impact of your buffet up and away from the table, adding contrast and appeal and attracting even more attention from your guests.

Top Shelf Concepts has the range and experience to help you put together the ideal buffet display. Browse our range online or contact our team today for expert advice and assistance!

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