Top tips for outstanding outdoor dining

Plan your ideal outdoor buffet this spring

Winter is coming to an end, and the fabulous Aussie spring is fast approaching! And that means more and more of your guests will be looking to sit down outside and enjoy their meals at your venue al fresco. Setting up an outdoor buffet is a terrific way to make a big impact on your guests. The Top Shelf Concepts team have put together these handy tips to help get you started.

Prepare the perfect presentation

Even before you set up your buffet, to ensure easy access, start by considering the space your guests will be moving through. Take into account where the buffet is positioned relative to your tables, and ensure you have a clear route for your guests to follow. It’s a good idea to keep your utensils at the other end of the buffet to help avoid traffic jams.

Once you’ve settled on the ideal buffet ‘flow’, it’s time to arrange a memorable buffet layout. Create a stylish, elegant arrangement with a little help from Rosseto buffet riser systems, available in rectangular, hexagonal or round formats and a choice of stainless steel, matte black, or natural bamboo finishes to perfectly complement your cuisine.

Ensure your food is safe

It’s important to remember that many of your guests may have special dietary requirements, including potentially serious allergies to foods such as peanuts, wheat, shellfish and other foods. Use tent cards to clearly display the ingredients of each dish to your guests, or place an allergy notice at the beginning of your buffet.

For daytime service, tent seating areas or shade sails will help protect your guests from the summer sun. Or if you’re preparing for the dinner service, patio lights and lanterns can form a very attractive way to light an area for guests to mingle and relax. And tiki torches can be a charming way to add light to walkways for the safety of your patrons.

Prepare to impress

Of course, when eating outdoors there is a chance of uninvited guests stopping by to sample your delicious cuisine! Spring in Australia means flies and other pests will inevitably be part of your outdoor dining. Consider protecting dishes such as hamburgers, sausages or salads with strategically placed wire mesh screens, and keep food securely covered with plastic wrap until service begins. Citronella candles can also help keep pests away while adding to the ambience of your presentation.

For more great ideas on preparing the ultimate outdoor buffet, talk to the friendly Top Shelf Concepts team today.

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