Food for the I Do's: Elevating Wedding Food Presentation

the-peninsula-picnic-mornington-racecourse-missy-h21Wedding trends are changing the way couples and wedding planners throw receptions. A couple of years ago, a simple platter display with traditional Australian wedding food would have done the job. Today, social media trends, bridal magazines and celebrities are inspiring more elaborate food presentations, making them one of the highlights of any ceremony.

Planners and caterers need to improve their wedding food presentations in anticipation of clients with higher expectations. Great food displays attract couples who are looking for novel receptions, in fact. If your presentation is truly exceptional, people might post and share it on social media, increasing your brand’s exposure.

Enhancing your food presentation game involves more than big and flashy displays, though. As a caterer or planner, you need to anticipate trends, stay true to the themes and invest in quality buffet equipment.

Anticipating Food Trends

Modern couples are revolutionising the items on wedding menus. For instance, InStyle Magazine reports that comfort foods would be making their way to wedding buffets in 2018. These include tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried chicken, fish and chips, cookies and doughnuts.

Brunch receptions would also be more popular next year because daytime weddings are cheaper than their evening or afternoon counterparts. These receptions would feature classic brunch foods, like eggs, pancakes, fritters and cocktails. Moreover, cupcakes would no longer be the dessert of choice; taking its place are crepes, macaroons and mini milkshakes.

To stay ahead of the game, you need to anticipate these trends and plan accordingly. Conventional presentations might not work on these non-traditional foods, after all. Gather your team and discuss novel ways to display your spread.

Stay True to the Theme

Many weddings have themes that tie the entire event together. The most popular themes to date, according to Easy Weddings, a digital wedding resource, are rustic, garden, vintage, beach, vineyard, contemporary and boho chic. Wedding experts also predict that Disney- and Great Gatsby-themed weddings would be popular next year.

Couples pay attention even to the smallest details to make sure that the colours, décor, favours and venue all complement each other. So, the food presentation should also blend in seamlessly with the theme.

Since the themes are many and varied, you should be ready to accommodate them — an especially challenging endeavour, because some displays are not suitable for certain themes. For instance, a contemporary presentation would look out of place in a rustic barn wedding.

It helps to have diverse buffet equipment that can furnish equally diverse themes.

Invest in Quality Buffet Equipment

To truly elevate the way you present food, you need to invest in top-notch buffet equipment. With these at your disposal, you can accommodate more client requests and leave a good impression on wedding guests.

At Top Shelf Concepts, we offer only innovative buffet equipment that would present the foods in their best light. We are a trusted supplier of Rosseto, a provider of premium serving solutions like buffet equipment that combines aesthetic appeal and utility. Moreover, its products are made of durable materials; they will accommodate countless weddings. Rosseto has a wide range of serving sets, from rustic presentations to sleek, modern displays.

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