Custom printed wax newspaper

Impress your guests with our fully customisable waxed food paper

You spend a lot of time and effort making your food taste and look its best – so why let your food down at the final stage by presenting it in plain, old-fashioned paper?

Imagine the buzz your restaurant, cafe, catering venue or buffet could create by serving your guests delicious, appetising food in unique food grade wax newspaper – complete with your logo, brand or theme professionally printed by Top Shelf Concepts.

Custom waxed newspaperWax food paper printed with your logo and brand

Custom printed wax newspaper is the final touch your food deserves, to create a memorable dining experience and ensure your guests come back for more!

Our food-grade waxed newspaper is completely customisable, giving you a great way to share your creativity and imagination with your guests.

Email us your logo or theme and customise your choice of:
• Food pouches
• Sandwich wrappers
• Tray liners
• Fish and chip wrappings
• Cheese platters or board liners
• Deli displays
• Burger bags
• … and much more!

Top Shelf Concepts can print your greaseproof wax food paper with any design, in one, two or four colours. Plus you can choose either white or Kraft paper to create the food presentation that perfectly blends with your cuisine. It’s the ideal presentation for subs, hamburgers, baguettes, sandwiches, calamari and many other dishes.

Keep your look fresh by creating a new theme as the seasons change, or for special events or holidays. The only limit is your imagination!

Custom printed wax paper food pockets

If you’re looking for an impressive way to serve your hamburgers, fish and chips, sandwiches or wedges, our wax paper food pockets are ideal.

These high quality food pouches feature twin layers; an inner paper layer to contain your food, and a waxed printed outer layer that’s customised with your design. It’s the perfect way to contain drips and mess and give your guests a positive experience from start to finish – and generate repeat business!"The Rose" custom tray liner

Create your custom printed wax newspaper today

Present your food in our customised printed wax paper and create a unique experience your customers won’t forget. To discuss your options and get started on creating the ideal custom food presentation, contact the friendly Top Shelf Concepts team or call us on 07 3394 2043 today.

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