Display Baked Goods in Pastry Display Cabinet and Watch Revenue Soar!

When your business demands the creative presentation of food items, we have you covered. At Top Shelf Concepts, we offer innovative commercial storage and display products for busy food service professionals. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent value and return on their investment. That's why we offer innovative ways for you to display the cuisine that makes your establishment well-known. Whether you're a hotel, restaurant, catering company or corporation, our sleek and original products will help your business.

Does your revenue depend on repeat business? Why not set the bar high and use a lustrous and clean-looking pastry display cabinet? This can be an inventive way to add visual appeal to an average breakfast buffet. Our two door pastry display cabinet can offer a virtual mountain of early morning treats to entice guests. Made from sturdy acrylic, it has enough room to hold a variety of muffins, pastries and baked goods. The bottom of the case, in bamboo, has the words ‘fresh' written on the base. This eye-catching design will act as a beacon attracting guests young and old to the comfort of the food inside.

With an array of storage and the finest pastry display cabinet solutions, Top Shelf Concepts is the one place to shop for all your food service needs. Whether you’re a restaurant displaying the day’s catch or a corporation throwing a networking event, our products can improve your business by enhancing your reputation.

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