Top Shelf Concepts Supplies Sleek, Modern Restaurant Bakery and Bread Display Cases

The warm aroma of freshly baked bread and the sweet smell of pastries is enough all on its own to bring in many curious customers when you are operating a restaurant, buffet, or another dining establishment. However, rather than simply placing your baked goods in a plain case or out of site, consider the numerous benefits of using a bakery display case. Allowing customers to see your baked goods presented in a modern, elegant setting will not only increase the chance you will see more sales, but it will also generate a positive experience for your guests. Presentation has a lot to do with how they perceive your business, and putting effort into showing off what you sell with restaurant bakery cases will generate returns on your investment.

Display cakes at a dessert counter in a setting that allows guests to see exactly what they will receive when they order. Let customers see and select breads all while keeping them fresh and safe from germs. Top Shelf Concepts has a solution for bakery display cases that's sure to work for your eatery.

Use an Elegant Bread Display to Elevate Your Product

Displaying your baked goods to the customers coming to your establishment isn't just about keeping them fresh for longer. It's also about creating a visually pleasing display. Our products allow you to create your very own setup with its modular design. It's like the chef's Lego! Made of long-lasting and durable acrylic, a Top Shelf Concepts bread display is not only easy to keep clean and move around, but it's also the perfect way to show off your bread. With black matte and natural wood finishes available, you can customise your display to suit the look and personality of your dining establishment. Customers waiting in line can get a glimpse inside the case, which may motivate them to add something to their order!

Whether you are looking for sustainable bamboo, premium black and walnut, modern stainless steel or flashy chrome, black and red gloss we have the perfect style to suit needs. Our serving and display products work in countless different configuration options, with different finishes and heights, so you can update your look as you please.

Top Shelf Concepts Is Your Reliable Source of Superior Products

Top Shelf Concepts dedicates itself to providing a superior, reliable source for restaurant products across Australia. Orders placed before 2pm will receive same-day dispatch, and we ship Australia-wide, as well as to New Zealand. Explore our website to learn more about the wide range of products we carry, or give us a phone call on 07

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