Wholesale Cast Iron Tea Pots from Top Shelf Concepts

If you're looking or a unique menu item, why not offer your guests an authentic Japanese tea ceremony? In Japan, drinking tea isn't just about sipping a warm beverage – it's a time-honoured tradition that involves the ritualistic ceremony of preparing and serving tea. Now you can provide your guests with an exciting culinary experience as memorable as the wholesale cast iron pots used to serve the tea. At Top Shelf Concepts, we offer sturdy yet stylish Japanese-style teapots in five stylish colours, including poppy red, pale blue, jade green, grey and black.

Our beautiful wholesale cast iron pots are sturdy and ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, large or small events, corporate functions, weddings, or anywhere you want to supply your guests with a classic tea service ceremony. Included with each teapot is a removable stainless steel strainer to allow for the use of loose or bagged tea.

Using a Japanese style cast iron teapot is a distinctive way to serve tea and can also be used for other beverages. For example, why not dream up a fancy cocktail or hot drink that is served from a teapot? When you want to give your guests an unforgettable beverage encounter that they'll talk about long after they leave your establishment, start with our realistic looking wholesale cast iron teapots.

At Top Shelf Concepts we are proud to be the only Australian purveyor of these opulent Japanese style teapots. To order yours, or speak to one of our friendly representatives, call us on 07 3394 2043 today.

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